Random Excerpt Vol. 01

It was a chilly Saturday evening when they bumped into each other at a coffee shop in Manhattan. Hollie was surprised to see Peter once again, “It’s been six years” she muttered. She could not explain the uneasy feeling that she had when Peter looked at her straight in the eye and responded, “Yes.. it’s been six long years.” Not knowing what to respond or what to do next. She just arrived at the coffee shop as well as Peter, and it would seem as if she’s too disturbed by his presence if she’d just leave the place. After getting her favourite Vienna Coffee, she went directly to an unoccupied table, placing her bag on the seat in front of her; making it seem as if the seat is taken.

Not looking at Peter, she acted like everything was going fine and normal–when in actual fact, is not. After a few minutes, she noticed through her peripheral vision that a guy is walking in the direction of her table but wasn’t really sure if it was Peter– hoping it wasn’t him.

“I hope you don’t mind.” She cast her gaze upward. “Sure.” Peter handed Hollie her purse, putting down his cup of tea and took a seat. Both were feeling ill at ease at the first few minutes. It seemed like they were both thinking of ways on how to break the awkwardness around the place.
They went on over a few things about Hollie; what she’s up to, what her current job is, what she does during her free time etc. And just a few things they normally talk about when they were still together. Feeling discomfited being the subject matter, Hollie began asking questions about Peter’s life.
“So…. what are you up to lately?” she asked. Peter clearing his throat before answering.. “Not much at the moment, I just got back last from Nashville last weekend.”
“Nashville? What did you do at Tennessee?”
“I stayed at my mom’s, after we broke up.” Hollie took a sip of coffee “..oh” she then replied.
“Yeah, my mom was trying to sell our house so she could move here in New York with me.”
“Where do you live now?” 
“Still in our old apartment.”
“Our apartment? At Queens? I thought you moved already.”
“Yeah, but my sister took over the place when I left. I told her not to leave until I get back.. for some reason. And besides most of our stuff are still there.
“Our stuff?”
she replied. Peter began to sense Hollie’s impression of despair “Yes, the things we bought and some of the things you gave me.”
She simply nodded in return, finishing her cup of coffee.I should probably get going.” Wiping her mouth with a piece of tissue. “You want to visit our place?” Peter said. Hollie was surprised to receive an invite and was momentarily speechless, “No thank you, perhaps next time.” she replied, making her way out of the coffee shop. Peter watched her closely as she walk her way out of the door, still admiring her grace as she walks. He then began to ponder on the fact that getting a cup of tea that evening was the best decision he made for the past six years. Wondering idly about how fortunate he is to come across Hollie at the place they first met, and be able to communicate with her again after a long time.

Hollie Barnes’s never-changing beauty is all he could think about in that moment. He found himself smiling while gazing on a blank space– everything still felt surreal to him. He was happy to catch sight of Hollie once again, but the feeling of guilt for letting the love of his life go never seem to go away.

For six long years, all he ever wished was to turn back time to turn things around; and moving back to New York seems like the right time to do so. Leaving her was the worst thing he’s ever done and he’s ready for whatever trouble he might face to win her back. “..but when will I see her again?” he thought, recalling their previous conversation if Hollie did mention anything on how to reach her. He couldn’t think of an actual information from her except for the last words that she said. And in that moment, Peter sighed with relief, smiled and whispered..


“Perhaps next time.”


I’ve been thinking of writing a novel lately out of odd interest; a romantic novel, as you may have noticed. And this, what you’ve just read, might be an excerpt from that novel I’m planning to compose. No I am not an aspiring author or a Nicholas Sparks wanna be whatsoever, it’s just I feel the urge to compose a novel sometimes. It seems unrealistic when I think about it, though. I think it takes a lot of work for a simple novel to be done. One needs to have a vivid imagination, broad knowledge of words, and everything needs to be planned from the beginning to the end. It may seem easy for some but it’s not. Anyway, I will let you know about my decision and the progress of my work. Or!!! I could just write random pieces and share it with you guys. That sounds a lot easier, ha!

Monotonous life

So long, freedom

Last week (23rd-29th) was by far the best week I’ve had since I got back from the States. The parentals left for Dubai last Monday and went back yesterday (Sunday), so I kind of had a freedom for a week. I actually had it all planned weeks before; what to do, where to go etc. And I’m glad everything went as planned.

Well basically I spent the whole week with Miggy and some days with friends. On..

Monday: Spent the rest of the afternoon at the office waiting for my parents to leave at four. It was a normal Monday for me– office at the day, home at night. Then I was (not-so-) surprised to receive a message from Miggy telling me that he’s outside of our house! That wasn’t really surprising to me anymore since he’s been “surprise” visit-ing me lately. We went out to grab my favorite mocha frappuccino and went back to the house right after. We didn’t get to spend much time that evening but it was fine, for we knew we still have six days to enjoy ourselves! *wink*

Tuesday: Met up with Patrick and did some catching up about our lives (his’ mostly). It was nice seeing him again, it’s been almost a year since the last time we saw each other. It was nice talking to him as well, I find that I miss it. And I’m glad things between us are all right now.🙂 Miggy took me to dinner later that day and dropped me home. It was a fun evening!

Wednesday (Mid-week marker!): Usual day at the office. After having lunch, my sister told me there is something she’s going to show me outside. I was telling and asking her what that is but she won’t tell me unless I go with her…. so I did. She pointed at a car parked in front of the office and it took me a couple of seconds to recognize that it was Miggy’s. I couldn’t help but laugh and slam my sister on the back, lol okay I was surprised. I didn’t have any idea that he’s coming over; he even bought me my favorite Beef Misono from Tokyo-Tokyo, yum! I went back inside only to see this..


..my sister devouring my food.

Thursday: I got off the office earlier than usual. Our plan that day was to spend the evening with his cousins at a comedy bar somewhere in South. Before heading to his house, I asked him if we could have Laksa (Singaporean/Malaysian spicy noodle soup) for late lunch/merienda.. he knew he didn’t have any choice, so we had one at Carrie and Terry’s!


It was our first time to finish a steamboat of Laksa! I don’t thing there’s been a time where Miggy said “no” to me; he could never say no to my cravings! (..unfortunately)😛

We spent the evening at Sitcom Comedy bar with two of his cousins and a friend. I had a good time talking and sharing stories with his older cousin that he treated as his own sister; I got to know Miggy and his family a little more thru Ate Rachelle’s stories.🙂


Friday: Guess what, I had mad cravings for Laksa again. Gee, I think I’m starting to love Laksa as much as I love Ramen. (You know how much I love Ramen) Miggy took me home after having lunch together, spending the rest of the afternoon at home practicing my makeup for tomorrow’s event.

Saturday: It’s #DapperDanice’s 18th birthday party! I started getting ready shortly after having lunch, while waiting for my friends to arrive. (we have decided to get ready all together at our house) Good thing they arrived just in time! I was about to finish doing my own makeup when they got here, just in time for Kamille’s turn! Kamille asked me days before if I could do her makeup because (according to her) she always admired the way I do my makeup, and that I’d make a good makeup artist daw. Lol not really sure if she was serious or nang-uuto lang. Anyhow, it was a pleasure making her even more beautiful.🙂

IMG_8839 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset IMG_9290 Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset IMG_8913 Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

We left the party at around midnight and went straight away to Valkyrie. It was our first time to visit The Palace and I was shocked to see TONS (as in!) of people waiting outside, I wasn’t really sure if they were waiting in line or just hanging out. What do we expect, it was a Saturday. We still managed to get in after all.

IMG_9090 IMG_8932 IMG_8974 IMG_9126 Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

It was indeed a fun night with Kamille, Jannica and Miggy! I hope we get to do this again some other time!

Sunday: It was already time to bid our goodbyes. Why did time have to go this quick? I was having a major separation anxiety that afternoon on our way home. The fact that it was already the end of the week and that my freedom is coming to an end makes me really sad. I just had so much fun the whole week… and I didn’t want to end it just yet.

*deep sigh* 

So long, freedom. Until next time.

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To the best years of our lives

Birthday Celebration was the bomb! Belated happy happy happy birthday to us, Kamille and Sammy girl!


It was the perfect time to visit Gramercy because they re-launched (Fiamma’s) Fresh Fridays on the same night. The night was basically filled with good music, good company and good vibes. And oh, don’t forget the greaaat view!
(I don’t know if it’s just me being SO intoxicated that night but looking at the cityscape seemed like I was at the top of Empire State) lol what?

IMG_7856 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset IMG_7823 Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Birthday giiiiirls

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There is really nothing much to tell.. I cannot even entirely remember what happened that evening, lol. We didn’t have much (decent) photos that night but I think these are enough to share with you guys. I had so so much fun celebrating my birthday with some of the best people I met in college. (Though this was actually a triple birthday celeb, haha) Too bad Janeeva didn’t make it, but we’ll surely do this again next time; with a bigger and greater company. *wink*

Cheers to the best years of our lives! #20s

PS: Loved my makeup that night.

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3rd of March

It was my 20th birthday… And there was really nothing oh-so special that happened that day.

  • Surprised by Miggy at 12 midnight. Travelled from South to North to surprise me with a cake, a set of yellow roses (ugh, flowers), a letter, and gifts from his mom and aunt.
  • Miggy took me out later that day;
    • Fifty Shades of Grey (yup, just now)
    • Frozen yogurt
    • AAAAAAAAND OF COURSE, MY FAVORITE.. RAMEN. Finally got to try Ramen Nagi for the first time and it was really good! The service was outstanding, as well.🙂 I’ve been to a couple of ramen places already, (like about six or seven) and I’d say Ramen Nagi and Ikkoryu Fukuoka are on top of my list. (Missing Totto Ramen in New York, though!) My goal is to actually try all the Ramen places here in the Philippines. Ugh, heaven in a bowl.
  • My mother calling me at four in the afternoon telling me to go home. WOW, I still have to follow the get-home-before-evening-curfew? Isn’t it my birthday today? What about a little consideration, mother? Nghh. Oh! I am not even sure if she knew it was my birthday cos I have not received any greeting from her. *rolls eyes*

That’s basically it. I didn’t actually get the birthday feels, you know what I mean? Kinda sad but thank you all for the birthday greetings and wishes!
I am planning to celebrate my birthday this Friday with some close friends and I honestly cannot wait! I’m excited, hope everything goes well!🙂

Life Events

What’s next?

Happy 2nd of March! Gee, I’m about to bid my goodbye to my teenage years in a day! Anyway I want to let you guys know that I am finally and officially out of school! Yes, I am officially unemployed. And yes, I now consider myself as a “grown up”. SUCKS.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset IMG_7314

The commencement exercise was held at PICC Complex in Pasay the other day (28th of Feb). Feels weird, now that I am already done with school stuff. I still cannot believe that the next thing I’m supposed to do is look for a job. I kinda miss school, yeah, that quick. I miss the feeling of getting up early for morning classes, seeing your friends everyday, asking for allowance from your parents, studying for exams/quizzes; basically everything about school. And it is kind of sad to think that those days are over now.

IMG_7291 IMG_7282 IMG_7448IMG_7438IMG_7442

Going up on stage and receiving my (fake) diploma didn’t feel as “magical” as everyone thinks. It felt normal (aside from feeling anxious, well that is a given); there was really nothing astonishing about it. It felt good though, to think that you are fortunate enough to finish studies unlike other people. Also the fact that you are finally done with school. I was never really thrilled by thought of me graduating, maybe because I am not excited about the next chapter of my life, I don’t really know.

Looking back at high school; high school life was so easy going, well compared to college. And if I were to choose which do I like more, I’d say 50/50. There are moments in high school that are incomparable to college and vice versa, you could tell. My high school life was filled with lots of entertainment. I was untroubled back then, though; I didn’t worry much about anything aside from keeping “good” marks. All I ever did was to simply have fun and make the most out of my high school years.
I was never the studious type of student; I was more like the happy-go-lucky one. The happy-go-lucky type that (still) studies but never really aimed to get the highest mark in class. (..In my dreams?)

Junior year was the best year of my high school life; and it wouldn’t be that fun if I had a different set of classmates and a different class adviser. Me and my friends were always in trouble; and I didn’t regret getting in trouble back then for those turned out to be the best moments of my high school life. It is just so nice to look back and reminisce all the good times with good old friends.🙂 A lot has changed when I entered college, though.

When I started college, getting up in the morning felt like dragging myself out of bed. I am two hours away from school so I have to get up three hours before class to prepare and everything. I hated waking up early. The first year of my college life was the worst; freshmen students are normally given the earliest class schedule there is (in which we got to deal with).
The freshmen year somehow felt like an extension of high school; you have the same set of classmates in every subject, and I’d say that was the only thing I liked about being a freshman student. But as the saying goes, nothing is permanent; block sections were gone on the second year. But, you are now eligible of constructing your own class schedule that go with your preference. You are lucky if you got the schedule you want, and if your friends were able to take the same section as yours. Which is in most times (unfortunately) does not happen.
There was a time where I was fortunate to be included in the dean’s list so I was able to enlist my subjects ahead of time; I was so glad because I got my desired schedule. Unfortunately, my friends didn’t get the same schedule as mine.. most of the sections that I chose were already full by the time they enlisted. So what happened was, I had the most convenient schedule among my friends, but I was alone in every class for four months. The only advantage of knowing no one in a class is you get to meet, interact and be friends with other people.

My college life was plain simple (and somehow boring). I was never active at school; I was never a part of any organization, clubs and such. There were also a couple of (cooking) competitions but I never bothered participating at any… I just don’t want to involve myself in such kind of affairs; I was totally contented with just attending classes.. nothing more.

But I do have a regret as a student..

And that is for not studying/trying enough. I mean, I wish I studied hard back in high school so I could at least achieved something greater than merely finishing college; I wish I had a chance to study at my “dream” university. I wish I had a medal for something I am good at. I wish I was active in clubs that could’ve piqued my interest. I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish. Though I did get fairly decent marks, I feel as if there was so much more that I could have done, school-wise. And if I could turn back time and re-do everything, (now that I know how shitty it feels to achieve nothing) I definitely would.   IMG_7412 IMG_7369 IMG_7409  IMG_7413IMG_7427

Everyone is capable of doing whatever everyone else is capable of, that is a fact; it is just a matter of choice and motivation. And I regret not motivating myself to do well and give my best shot in what I am doing; I regret settling for just “good”. That, as I’ve mentioned earlier, has got to be my biggest regret as a student. I hate how I only realize all of these just now.. now that I am finally done with school. Ugh.

If I were to give an advice to students, that would be to do more academically and aim high. Wouldn’t it be nice to graduate with honors and other awards? Be active in school, join clubs, participate in competitions/activities etc. Grab all the opportunities that you could, acquire all the knowledge and skills that you could. Never stop learning and improving. Never settle for just “good/fair”, challenge yourself to do more. Kaya n’yo yan! Kung kaya ng iba, kaya niyo rin!
Take my advice, I didn’t use it anyway.

Now that we’re on to the next chapter of my life, I wish myself good luck and all the best. I may not know what I want to do for the rest of my life (yet!), but I will never stop seeking. I know in time, all my questions will be answered. I know I am meant to do something and be something, it is just at the moment I am having a difficult time in figuring what that is. I am still quite young and I still have enough time to know myself more and discover what else life has to offer.
All I know for sure is cooking and Culinary track is not (meant) for me. I don’t want to say I misspent 4 years of my life, but.. yeah, basically.

Ciao, student life. ID 11165138, signing off.


Take me back

Every so often, I still get this feeling of longing for my life back when I was in the US; it was a whole lot different from how my life is going at the present moment. It actually kind of makes me sad, to think that this-right now is reality; that my six-month stay in the States felt like some kind of a dream. Most of the things we (my friends and I) did when we were there can never be done here (s/o to my parents for being super strict). I just wish there could be another opportunity that could take us back to the States; but at present, I’d say it is beyond the bounds of possibility. *sigh*
So I just came up with a list of a few things I truly miss..

1. Good company


I don’t think I have ever felt comfortable in a big group of people until I met these guys. I don’t think my internship would turn out so fun and so great without them. We are all different in so many ways but we get along so well. And I am def looking forward to spending good time with them again soon🙂

2. Chico Lauron


 The best person I have met in Bolton, enough said.

3. Online shopping!!!
One of the perks of having your own credit card. I remember how I used to spend my weekly salary on online shopping. Sucks but I can’t help it, it is just too addicting. I mean it is fun and convenient but you can’t try anything on and see how it really looks so it’s a big gamble, you feel me? (and ugh the shipping rates) 

4. Inuman nights and parties!
I know it is inappropriate to say but I really miss being intoxicated and not caring about anything else in the world.. for a night. (And not having to worry about my curfew and my parents cause they’ll never know.. unless they find out my blog. Worst. Nightmare.)

5. Kitchen duties
I do miss working in the kitchen at times! (Admitted that cooking is not my passion and Culinary career is unfortunately not for me)
I am actually having the biggest decision of my life (thus far); whether I’m going to go on with Culinary track or do something else where I could be more efficient. If given a chance, I would like to go back to the States and work as a cook again. But I don’t know, I have no idea what God has in store for me after I graduate.. none at all. *sigh* Sucks to admit that I am almost twenty yet I still do not know exactly what I want to do in life and it really really really really really upsets me.


6. Independent life
I could be away from home for years; as long as I am with my friends, I am totally fine. So take me back!